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Christmas Shopping -CHRISTMASDRAWINGCHALLENGE-DAY3 by TheLoneRestlessRose Christmas Shopping -CHRISTMASDRAWINGCHALLENGE-DAY3 by TheLoneRestlessRose
Rose is Christmas shopping for the holidays and see's a sign that says, "Cute boys for sale". Curiously, she follows the sign to check it out. It turns out that they are in fact selling cute boys to go to good homes. She see's Near and immediately falls in love, puts him in the cart, and speeds to the checkout squealing, "I wanna take him hooome, he's so cute~!" Meanwhile, said boy just sits in the cart wondering what the hell just happened.



This is day 3 of my Christmas drawing challenge. The theme is "Christmas shopping". It's a bit late but I caught up so I'm happy. I realize that there was a lot of empty space and it's not that good since I'm tired and I got lazy, but I did it and it looks good to me so I'm happy.


BASE: ~MTheLittleMonsta:iconmthelittlemonsta:
BASE LINK: [link]
ROSE OC/PICTURE: *TheLoneRestlessRose:iconthelonerestlessrose:
NEAR: Takashi Ohba & Tsugumi Obata


MORE ON ROSE: [link]
(Okay... forgive me if this isn't what you're looking for, I've never written a critique before :D)

Overall, I think you did pretty good job! I like how you used the 'Christmassy' theme, though I reckon it could be taken further by replacing the blue background with a greenish color. I also like how you used the 'spotlight' effect with the background- makes things alot more interesting. The Christmas lights, near the bottom, were pretty well drawn in my opinion and so was the ribbon on Near's head.

The background story was interesting, and I found it really creative. I also liked how you did a price-tag on his foot and the Santa hat. The shading's pretty decent (wayy better than I could do x3) though you could probably make it more noticeable in terms of color contrast.

The only other thing I have a bit of an issue with is Near's left arm... Not sure if it's intentional, but the creases on the sleeve make his arm look somewhat twisted and distorted. Hehe sorry if I'm being harsh here ^.^"
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December 4, 2012
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